Warwick, RI 02889, US

Welcome to Bonifide Yoga Consciousness, Radical Self Acceptance and Bliss

Welcome to Bonifide Yoga Consciousness, Radical Self Acceptance and Bliss

Welcome to Bonifide Yoga Consciousness, Radical Self Acceptance and BlissWelcome to Bonifide Yoga Consciousness, Radical Self Acceptance and Bliss

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Yoga in the Park In Warwick RI

Conimicut Point Park 

Tuesday Evenings at 6:00

Rocky Point

Thursday evening at 6:00

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Kids Yoga Classes and work shops

Display real testimonials

Display real testimonials

Display real testimonials

Workshops hiking and mountain top yoga

Hiking and yoga combined classes

destination hikes with a yoga practice at the summit

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Kids classes and workshops

Display real testimonials

Kids classes and workshops

Kids classes and workshops

Kids classes and workshops

Being a mother of three daughters I love children.  Combining yoga practice, laughter, art and songs

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Kids classes and workshops

Kids classes and workshops

Please message me with any requests

About Us


On Line https://theshairpodcast.com/shair-recovery-community/

Many of us are all recovering from some form of  trauma.  Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event. Often as humans  to avoid the feeling of pain we will over indulge in behaviors that lead to suffering. When the pain gets great enough we are willing to do something different about the behaviors. This is when the problem becomes the gift and we enter into recovery.  Recovery is a normal state of health, mind or strength. This gift is what has led me to Y 12 SR. These  meetings are a safe space to discuss the issues that live in our tissues in a meeting supportive non judgmental environment. We do not solve problems or advise rather share in a loving safe environment with the structure of the 12 steps. There are 212 -12 step based programs  healing addictions like Food, Drugs, Alcohol, People,Technology, Exercise. If there is an addiction we have a  sustainable solutions  with 12 step to freedom. All are welcome to speak, share and support at a Y12SR meeting.


Outdoor Yoga Classes

"Lose yourself in nature and find peace"- Ralph Waldo Emmerson

June- October weather permiting

 Thursday evening at 7

Outdoor Yoga classes on the Beach at Rocky Point Near the Arc.  Avaliable for outdoor  private classes weather permitting. 


Guided Meditations

"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease." Buddha 

Becoming in touch with the breath can heal the mind. Book 1, Sutra 34 Patanjali's Yoga Sutra states "We can avoid the obstacles and purify the mind by a controlled exhalation followed by a retention of the breath" Controling the breath helps to regain balance from our distractions. Meditation is the pratice of steading the mind from distractions focusing  on the breath becoming present in  the moment.  This tool can assist in changing the brain structure. Mindfulness- based stress reduction was found to increase functions in the brain. Improves concentration, self- awareness, happiness, benifits cardiovascular and immune health. 

Avalible for private and cooperate day retreats  for  Yoga and Guided Meditations


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Bonified Yoga

Warwick, Rhode Island, United States


Monday   Summer outdoor classes Rocky Point Location 6pm

Tuesday Private appointments Summer  6 pm Conimicut Point Park

Wednesday Private appointments 

Thurdsay Private appointments Summer  6 Pm Rocky Point Park 

Saturday: Workshops

Sunday: Workshops

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yoga is for everybody

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The road to self discovery often encounters  obstacles  of fear manifested in many different forms.  Through a  gentle pratice of yoga and a willingess to grow we learn what those fears are. We are unable to seek a  substainable solution to a problem if we dont identify the problem.   When  we acknowledge the problem we can  seek a solution. In the past I had sought out faster quick fixes, they were tempoary and often created more problems. The benefits and sustainablility of Yoga are what has led me back  to the mat again and again. 

 Our bodies are self repairing mecinisem that store information since birth. We hold our issues in our tissues, though pratice we are able to release and heal. When we heal we are able to be our most authentic unapoligetic beautiful self.  This has been my personal experience.  I have been reunited with my truest form of self through yoga and meditation.  Now that the light is back in my heart, I wish to decicate my time to relighting the flame for others.  My holistic approcah to heal from my personal trama has cured my depression. My recipe also includes  the study of the  principals of the niyamas and yamas of yoga a day at at time.  I strive to maintain a level of balance. By continuting these pratices along with regular attenance at 12 step meetings. I consider my self in remisson of severe depression, drug and alcohol addiction.  My mind my drift back into old ways from time to time, but  I am able to catch it faster today.  Like many of us along the journy I consider myself  a masterpeice in process. 

Announce coming events

Weeding the Garden your garden of your thoughts. Negative thoughts are like ugly weeds that spread though our minds.  using journaling, breath awareness , asana and meditation we can use these weeds to gain awareness and  have some fun.  Join me for a day of yoga, laughter and fun.  Saturday May 19th 9:00- 12:00 $35  per person  (Scholarships available no one is turned away for lack of funds). Oceans of Grace 118 Division Street, East Greenwich RI 


Carol Mossa Author of Linger Longer " Bonnie is a visionary with a knack for bringing like minded souls and spirits together.  I have attended several of her day and weeked-long retreats, and found her organizational skills exemplary."

Kevin Griffin is a Buddhist,  author, teacher and leader in the mindful recovery movement. " Bonnie organized, promoted, and put on a terrific day long recovery retreat for me to teach. I'm grateful for all her work and devotion to this vital work."

Lisa Rzemien Grade 2 teacher Norwood Elementary School

My second grade students very much enjoyed doing yoga in the classroom with Bonnie Donahue.  She introduced the moves with an engaging storybook. Afterwards, she guided the students through a series of poses helping them to explore their bodies and inner peace. Her kind approach made the students feel comfortanle to try something new!!

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I have never done yoga will i be able to keep up with the class?

The answer is yes!  Yoga is about self discovery more about slowing down than speeding up.  Yoga is an individual journey of self love and self acceptance.  Often the most difficult pose in yoga is getting on the mat! For myself and others rest of the struggle is just  finding time to practice.  Pratice leads to progress.  The invitation is to meet yourself where you are at and begin the journy to progress. 

Healthy Getting Healthier Workshop


Day Long Retreat Includes

12 Step Recovery Yoga and Meditatons With Bonnie

Bonnie is a women in long term discovery, spuritual seeker, yoga instruction.  Bonnie's hope for this workshop is to cultivate safe space for spiritual education and growth.  She leades guided meditations and yoga pratices focusing on self care, self love, self develpoment and radical sepf acceptance to be perfectly imperfect.  This will be a very gentle practice including chair yoga options. Bonnie's yoga is for everybody!

Peter Greenberg M.A. Psychotherpist 

Peter will review the concepts and principles of each of the 12 Steps.  This presentation will support the integration of The Self Care and Self Developmental value of each step.  Taking  the Steps with this perspective will enhance the understanding and applications as each of us pursues our own individual potential.

Dave Ursillo Author and Yoga Teacher

Daves work revolves around giving you tools for self expression at the crossroads of self knowledge and selfless service. As a writer, 11-time author and yoga teacher, Dave creates products, services and experiences to help self-starter and "everyday yogis" lead their lives in love.  He has lead workshops and retreats in 4 continents, and his words have been seen across Psychology Today, CBS news Sunday Mornings, Forbes, INC and Chicken Soup for the Soul. See More at DaveUrsillo.com

This workshop is perfect for all people who are affected by the disease of addiction. If you work in the field, are an addict, or have a loved one who is.  This is the workshop for you. This is about being part of the solution Positive~Inspiring~Healthy Getting Healthier.  

See beyond addiction and its sterotypical labels.  You are perfectly imperfect and allowed  to be  unapoligeticly you. Addiction is a disease not a discrace when we heal the wound we can rebuild at the scar.  


Tea, Water, Light Snack will be included 

You can bring a Meditaion pillow, Yoga mat, Blanket, chairs will be provided 

To Sign Up for the event Mail Check to Bonnie

Bonnie Donahue

442 Lake Shore Drive

Warwick, RI 02889

$50.00  per person

Please include a name and address along with your check

Place: North Beach Club House Narragansett RI

1-5 Pm Sunday October 29,2017