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To share with you my knowledge of yogic philospohy with meditations and asana practices. To help you remove the vail of fears that block you off form being our truest form of self. With regular paratice of these princiiples we will make the world a better place one inhale and exhale at at time. 

I am willing to travel to businesses, school, community groups to share meditations and yoga.   Also avaliable Private classes. 

Healthy Getting Healthier Workshop~October 29,2017

$50.00 Per Person~North Beach Club House~ Narragansett, RI~1-5 PM

12 Step Yoga+Recovery Meditaitons, Journaling and Self Discovery

12 Step recovery Yoga and Meditations With Bonnie 

  • The day will begin with 12 Step inspired Guided meditaton 
  •  A discussion on how  Yoga Phliosophy and the 12 step compliment one another
  • Gentle Y12SR yoga pratice

Peter Greenberg M.A. Psychotherapist

  • Peter will review concepts and principles of each 12 steps
  • His presentation will support the integration of Self Care and Self Developmental  value of each step

Dave Ursillo Author and Yoga Teacher

  • Daves presentation will give us tools to conncet with our voices and express them through journaling.

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Early bird special if you purchase your tickets for North Beach Club house  August 15th early you $10 per person.  

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I am new to yoga will I be able to keep up with the class? 

Yes you wil be able to "keep up with the class".  Coming into a yoga class is not like being a Rockett.  We do not all do our poses at the same pace or even same expression.  It is a gift  coming into acceptance that we are not the same person every day. Our needs and wants will ev and flow with the rhythm of the earth, seasons, weather through death and rebirth.   Meeting yourself where you are at just for the time you are on the mat.  Realse old belifes while I invite you join me into poses the choice is always yours.  I like to cultivate  a judgment free,  safe space for self expression.